The neighborhood vet for your modern pet.

Thank you for welcoming us to the Sherman Oaks neighborhood. Southpaw Vets is excited to announce that we are now also open on Saturdays.

Feel free to call or text us during business hours at (818) 935-5444 to schedule a visit (by appointment only).


Why Southpaw Vets?

Southpaw Vets is your modern neighborhood veterinarian. We are a small business, a family-owned veterinary hospital that emphasizes personalized care and quality medicine.

We opened our doors August 2022 and are so grateful to have been welcomed by the Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

Drs. Braham and Chiang created Southpaw Vets to enhance the bond between pet owners and the hospital. Our goal is to reduce the anxiety of taking your pet to the vet. We are proud to be a certified fear-free veterinary hospital - our entire staff is committed to your pet having a positive, friendly, and stress-free visit.

We hope to earn your trust through our honesty, transparency, and care. We promise to always look out for your pet’s best interest!

Highest Standards of Care

Our practice is dedicated to providing your pet with the best care possible to help them live their happiest and healthiest life. All of our vets are internship-trained and work closely with the nearby specialists. We have a full suite of in-house laboratory machines for real-time results on your pets' health in urgent situations. We are also outfitted with advanced digital x-ray and ultrasound machines to provide imaging services.


Going to the vet can be scary and stressful for all parties involved! Our team is fear-free trained and certified. This involves the reduction of feeling stress and anxiety in our patients, which in return will result in a better experience for you, your pet, and our veterinary team. Our primary focus is for your pet to feel at ease under our care and for you to build trust with our staff.

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Communication is so important and should be clear and easy! Whether you need to make an appointment, request a refill, or have follow-up questions, just shoot us a quick call/text/email and we’ll get right back to you.

Why Our Patients & Their Humans Love Southpaw Vets!

"We just had the most delightful
experience. We were there for a
check up exam and vaccine. We
were warmly greeted and
everyone who works there was
friendly and helpful. Dr Braham
was kind caring and thorough.
She asked us lots of important
questions and provided great
information for the best care of
our fur baby. Happy experience."

"I highly recommend Southpaw Vets!
Easily booked an appointment online
and submitted all intake paperwork
prior to arriving. Pulled into the parking
lot in the back which is a huge plus!!
The space is modern, clean and
inviting. The staff was so sweet and
patient with my little Stella, who can be
a little timid. Dr. Chiang was knowledgeable
and warm when discussing her
recommendations for Stella."

"I honestly don't know what
I'd do without Dr. Braham.
Bless Dr. Braham's heart
for putting up with my crazy,
and always responding to
my emails whenever I had
outlandish baseless concerns
as a new pet owner..."

“Gus Gus recently had
some major surgery - neuter
and gastropexy - and yes,
as a first-time pup owner
I was freaking out a tad!
Dr. Braham was so reassuring
and answered all of my (many)
questions. She's so sincere and
you can tell she really cares.”

“I will continue to bring
my two senior cats here
because of how
compassionate Dr. Braham
and staff are. Recently one
of my cats was so sick she
wouldn't get out of bed or eat,
and after thorough lab/blood
work they helped us get her
eating and treatment...

“Connie Chiang is our vet
and she always takes the
time to answer our questions.
As new dog parents, she is
patient with even the silliest of

“We first went for a wellness
exam with Dr. Connie Chiang
and appreciated that she
patiently answered our
questions, walked us through
what to expect on the day of
the surgery, and even sent us
a goofy picture of her and

We have seen Dr. Connie
Chiang a few times now
for an ear infection, allergies,
etc. She is knowledgeable,
kind, confident, and
compassionate. It's hard
being in a new state and
entrusting your pet's care to
someone new, but she put
my worries at ease.

"Today we had an exceptional
visit. One of my dogs has
EXTREME anxiety. Usually
she has to be sedated for
her annual check ups...
However! Today Dr. Chiang
and the vet techs were able
to do the checkup, administer
vaccines and cut her nails with

“When the time came to
put down our beloved
15 year old cat, Dr. Connie
Chiang sat patiently with me
(on the floor) while I cried
and made that difficult
decision to let go. She
couldn't have been more
kind, helpful, and understanding."

“Dr. Braham was so wonderful,
answering all of my questions
with optimism, kindness, and
also realism.”

“Dr. Braham sat on the floor with
us, and gave Rusty a thorough
exam. She was very gentle and
kind. I didn't feel rushed,
or that any question was
a dumb one. A real plus
is that she is available via
email, for any follow-up
concerns or questions.


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