Manager - Michelle


Michelle is the unicorn guru behind making sure Southpaw Vets is running smoothly for both our patients and our staff.

"My name is Michelle - I'm a wife and a mom of two boys (one two-legged and one four-legged 😉). I've been in the veterinary field since 2007. I have worked in both small general practice clinics, and multi-specialty hospitals, and I'm currently studying to become a certified veterinary practice manager."

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives - or "CSRs" - are the gateway to the hospital. They are a savvy, outgoing, and essential group that act as the front-line communicators between clients and the hospital.



Alondra takes great joy in getting to know each pet that walks through the clinic doors. She delights in showering them with affection, treats, and belly rubs, making their visit to the vet a positive and enjoyable experience.



Lead CSR

Joanna started her CSR career back in 2012 and has loved it ever since. Joanna loves spending time with her family and her four furry dogs - 2 English bulldogs, Dalmatian, and a Siberian husky. During her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and driving along the coast.

Joanna is our travel and health certificate expert! She will help ensure you have all the right documentation for your pet to travel.



Hello there! I'm Justine, I grew up in Mohall, North Dakota (population 800) and went to school for Acting in Fargo, ND. I have been in Los Angeles since 2016 and consider California HOME. When I'm not at work, you'll often find me in my garden, where I find joy in nurturing plants and learning about tropical species (new to me) not known for growing in the Midwest. I'm also a passionate traveler, always eager to explore new destinations and cultures. Movie nights are a cherished pastime of mine, and I love relaxing with my two pups, Jemma and Zero. Cheers!



Hi! My name is Regina and I have been in the veterinary field since 2015 and I love every minute of it, I learn something new every day! I have a French bulldog and an English bulldog who absolutely love attention! During my free time I love watching horror movies, going to concerts and spending time with my family.

Doctor's Assistants

A doctor's assistant – or “DA” – is your veterinarian's right hand person. They are multitasking forces of nature that keep the doctor and the rest of the team organized and on track! Their secret talent is being able to read the doctors' minds.



Paulette began her veterinary career in 2015 at an emergency hospital in Anchorage Alaska. She is the proud mom of a husky named Lemon, a cocker spaniel named Oakley, and a domestic shorthair named Leo. Outside of the clinic she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and playing piano.



Sara is a compassionate veterinary professional with a decade of experience. Beyond the clinic, she's a plant enthusiast, a certified scuba diver exploring the depths, and a passionate traveler collecting stories from around the world. Sara's life is a blend of nurturing animals, cultivating greenery, and embracing adventure.



Hi! My name is Victoria and I started in the industry when I was 15 years old and I have loved every bit of it since then. I have three dogs (Bukowski, Beans & Dart) and three cats (Mau, Kitty Cat & Bella). They keep me busy and always fill my heart with love. During my free time I love watching movies or playing video games (preferably Sackboy or Kirby) with my partner.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

A registered veterinary technicians – or technician – is an educated and trained professional who practices alongside veterinarians. They have gone through a rigorous education and have passed licensing exams for their credentials. In many ways, RVTs perform duties for animals that are similar to what a nurse (RN) might do for humans. They can perform dental extractions, simple wound closures, monitor anesthesia, etc under the supervision of a veterinarian.



I've always loved animals and have a Jack Russell Terrier. I love to do dental cleanings on cats and dogs!


Coming Soon!



Jess comes to Southpaw from a very diverse background in veterinary medicine - she has extensive experience in emergency medicine! She has a cat at home named Patitas and loves going to Disneyland.



After spending a number of years working in veterinary emergency medicine throughout southern California, Maria found her true passion to lie in veterinary dentistry with a special interest in felines. She has worked in various aspects of veterinary medicine, and really enjoys the special bond she can build with her patients in general practice setting. In her spare time Maria can be found spending time with her own crew of furry friends consisting of three dogs, Olivia Pope, Chester, and Hana, her cat nino, and a parrot named Mango.



Lead Technician

Mel is an extraordinary technician with an infectious laugh. She has been in the field for decades and her dental skills are a thing of beauty. She's all around good vibes!



Susie has a background in zoology and education, and particularly loves surgery and anesthesia. When not at work, she enjoys traveling, barre, arts and crafts, and hiking with her dog, Lachie.

Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary assistants assist licensed RVTs and veterinarians with a wide array of tasks - from obtaining blood samples to taking xrays. They have years of experience with on the job training (and may be colloquially referred to as techs sometimes) and are VITAL to what we do. Many are in the process of obtaining their RVT licensure.



Hi, my name is Abe, I've been in the veterinary field since 2011. I have a 3-year-old Doberman pinscher named Eleven after Netflix's Stranger Things. I like to spend time with my family and daughter on my days off and attempt to paint! I'm excited to be part of the Southpaw Team!



I have two cats named Pizza and Simba. I'm switching career paths in joining Southpaw - my background includes a degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, College Park. I enjoy reading and football - go Cowboys!



Karla began her veterinary career in 2018. She's a Los Angeles native and outside the clinic enjoys hiking, cooking, camping and venturing out to new coffee shops. Karla is a mom to a St. Bernard (Gala) and two domestic shorthair felines (Frida & Bowie).



Hello! My name is Karla. I've been in the Veterinary field since 2019. I love all things horror and listening to music. I love what I do. Working with animals is the best. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a tail wag or hearing those adorable purrs.



Hi I’m Molly! California born and raised. I have a dog named Riley and two cats, Meeko and Frankie. I love to spend my time with family, camping, hiking, and rewatching the Office.



Hello, my name is Sarah! After graduating from UC Davis 2 years ago, I wanted to be more hands on with animals and decided to become a veterinary assistant. My hobbies outside of the clinic include baking, painting, watching movies, and spending time with my dog, Max, and kitten, Goob!

Kennel Assistants

Kennel assistants are the unsung heros that help our assistants and technicians with all their tasks. They give your pets lots of love and care while they are hospitalized or waiting their turn for surgery - make sure they get regular walks and have a comfy bed in their space. They are also the ones that keep our hospital clean, sanitary, and in tip-top shape!



Hi, I'm Morgan! I've had a passion for the animal world for as long as I can remember. Currently pre-vet and in full-time school, I enjoy hiking, quality time with my family, and connecting with friends and horses. Excited to be a part of this team!

Relief Veterinary Assistants

Relief assistants and techs are locum or per diem staff that help us out when we need extra coverage. We are SO grateful to these talented individuals.



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