End of Life Care

The hardest part of sharing lives with our pets is saying "Goodbye". We offer quality of life consultations and compassionate euthanasia services. We also strongly believe in treating our pets with respect during and after the process, and have chosen to partner with Aquamation and Euthabag.


Southpaw Vets has chosen aquamation instead of cremation for aftercare. It's water, not fire based.

Aquamation is the natural process also known as alkaline hydrolysis. Using water flow, temperature and alkalinity, it is more like natural decomposition when compared to other methods.

It is also better for the environment. Compared to cremation, there are no toxic emissions and uses 1/20 of the energy. And leaves about 1/10 of a carbon footprint!


Southpaw Vets believes that we must treat all our pets with respect even after they have passed. Instead of a traditional plastic bag, we will be using Euthabag for every single patient.

Euthabag is a body bag that honors their life and the bond we have with them. It is a dignified resting place for their remains, whether they are to be buried or as a temporary home until they reach the aquamation facility.

It is also the most ecologically responsible - click here for more information.