Medication Refills

For existing clients who need refills, just text us at (747) 281-3188. This number links us directly to your pet's chart! We can help you with refills in-house at Southpaw, at your local pharmacy, or through an online pharmacy.

Online Pharmacy

While we have an extensive on-site pharmacy to get your pet any urgent medications immediately, we have also partnered with Midwest Veterinary Supply (a family and employee owned pharmacy since 1961) to provide an online pharmacy. This is a convenient way to get your pet's prescriptions. No more driving into the clinic or going to the local pharmacy - you can now order your pets' medications from the comfort of your couch and everything will be delivered to your door!

The big thing - our online pharmacy is directly connected to Southpaw Vets. Our staff and veterinarians can either preauthorize prescriptions during your visit OR approve prescription requests when you order at a later time. No hassle of dealing with a third party distributor, waiting for written prescriptions, lapses in communication, etc. This means you get your pets' prescriptions FAST and EASY, from a dependable pharmacy.

We appreciate all the support that we receive when you use our online pharmacy. Thank you!

We know many families are regular Chewy customers. No worries - we are integrated with Chewy via an online Portal. This means that your prescription can either be preauthorized by our staff during your clinic visit, or will be sent to us digitally when you place your order. No more wondering or waiting days for a prescription authorization to go through - a smooth and streamlined process. It's what dreams are made of!

Having to stop by the vet clinic to pick up that prescription bag of pet food is a thing of the past. Your pet's prescription diet can be delivered directly to your door!

Purina Vet Direct is an online portal that is connected with Southpaw Vets. No more hassles of scanning a paper prescription or waiting for a third party to obtain prescription authorization.

When a veterinarian prescribes a specific diet for your pet's medical condition, the prescription is automatically in the system - just go online and order! And it'll show up at your doorstep in a few days.

*This is only for Purina products. If another brand of food is recommended by your veterinarian, we will direct you to the right resource.*

Registering for the first time? Our clinic ID is 9NOJB and the zip code is 91423.